Ruth Hinkel-Pevzner

Errands (The Uncle)
(4.5 min, 2006)

"We glided in and around the other cars, floating in the current as he talked silly billy nonsense, asking questions that had no answers. It didn’t matter where we went, anywhere was an adventure.."

The Fishing Trip
(3 min, 2004)

"I loved the summers, when my dad would go on
his fishing trip.."

The Ferry
(2 min extract, 2006)

"He would get lost and I would find our way back, winding
through stretches of vacant lots and forgotten farms.."

The Summer
(1.5 min extract, 2006)

"He had been awkward.. tentative in words his hands were
certain, unspinning as though a spool of thread.."

The Car
(1.5 min extract, 2008)

"And everywhere I looked for him, blocks bolted
in voraciousness, streets swallowed beneath my feet.."

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