Ruth Hinkel-Pevzner


Born in Moscow, Russia and having lived in several countries since, Hinkel-Pevzner has been in the UK for over a decade. With a background in film and literature her work seeks to evoke the commonality of experience through the prism of a personal (fictional) story.

An alchemy of new and old, the original texts of the lyrical voiceovers are set against reworked home movies from the 1930s - 60s. The independent strands of sound and image intertwine to create fleeting moments of memory and emotion, interpretations and associations. Rather than telling a story in the traditional sense the manipulated grammar and narrative evoke the essence of a moment, of time standing still. Removing cultural and social markers, the text and narration recall a familiar though unknown place and time.

Writing of the voiceovers is underpinned by past academic research which included narrative structure and linguistics. More recent work conducted at the London Library (UK) includes study of fables, Sanskrit and Arabian tales, Persian poetry, early Japanese and Chinese literary works, primary religious texts, and works in other languages.

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